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NEWS FLASH ! Dateline 4/23/14- "HIGH" in the Hollywood Hills...

Tokey just heard from another long, lost friend, his old smuggling buddy, Vinny "the Shrew". Seems Vinny did REEEALY well back in the 70's and 80's flying kilos of Colombian smoke into the country. Well, "the Shrew" is no longer living underground. Today he's HEAVILY invested in pot growing warehouses, edibles factories and legal cannabis shops in Colorado. He's now living the legal "HIGH" life in the Hollywood Hills in California.

NEWS FLASH ! Dateline, Jellystoner National Park, 4/22/14- 

Since going online a few days ago, Tokey's been getting messages from long lost friends and family. He just heard from his cousins Yogo Bear and Bubba "Kush" Bear ! They sent this photo from their secret grow in Jellystoner National Park...

They're always on the lookout for Ranger Smith and the DEA,

since growing on federal land is REALLY illegal !